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fc2659ea429e Alexandre Feblot
Add an exclude parameter to Glob(), to allow excluding some elements matching the main pattern
  • win7-64-vs20102.7: updating -  stdio
f976dca97874 LaurentMarchelli
dumb error and output improvement.
f5cdd6c73599 Alexandre Feblot
Add a test on basic PCH behavior: bulid a simple executable and a simple shared lib
f326a2d522b3 bdbaddog
some debug code to figure out why failing
f2568057a2a0 Alexandre Feblot
merge default
  • win7-64-vs20102.7: updating -  stdio
e572f413419a William Blevins
Issue 2395: Symlink support hotfix.
    Symlink contents now copied correctly with relative path
    when ( cwd != symlink directory ).
dc2b66e7f501 dirkbaechle
Merged in williamblevins/scons_20150323 (pull request #229)

Updated debug-count test case.
d983f0c80068 William Blevins
Updated jni header directory expectations for tests.
    My openjdk install link/dir also contained the architecture.
    Example: RPM package java-1.7.0-openjdk-devel-
            created link /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk.x86_64

    Affected tests:
d83ec49e287d Alexandre Feblot
  • win7-64-vs20102.7: updating -  stdio
d29fbf57610f bdbaddog
Fix issue found by test/Configure/Streamer1.py failing on win32 per discussion with Pawel Tomulik.  Any typeerror will be handled by trying str.decode()
cbde291a011a bdbaddog
initial pass at improving documentation of versioned shared library logic
bdbcc63cb620 bdbaddog
Always build 32 and 64 bit versions of the windows installer. No reason to only build the native version since python can build both regardless of currrent platform
ba33631c9940 bdbaddog
added more info to the section on InstallVersionedLib(). fixed having InstallAs example in the text for InstallVersionedLib()
b34c70ccb1d2 Alexandre Feblot
Fix C typo error in a test
ae79ffb4c21e Alexandre Feblot
Fix typo in the doc
  • win7-64-vs20102.7: updating -  stdio
ac35de28ac93 bdbaddog
null change to test new buildbot server
81e0a43354e8 Alexandre Feblot
Glob exclude parameter can now be a string or a list of strings
  • win7-64-vs20102.7: updating -  stdio
7b4a9d7393cd dirkbaechle
Merged in williamblevins/scons_20150323 (pull request #227)

Issue 2395: Symlink support hotfix.
752a182c749c bdbaddog
logic to automatically detect if the wininst*.exe is in the python install, and skip building windows packages if it's not possible on this platform
743760d727b9 dirkbaechle
- added backward compatibility layer for the Node attributes abspath, labspath,
  path, tpath and path_elements
  • win7-64-vs20102.7: 'python2.7 runtest.py ...' failed -  stdio
710b422072fc dirkbaechle
Merged in LaurentMarchelli/scons (pull request #209), implementation of Visual Studio users files
552d60649cdb Alexandre Feblot
VC11 needs PCH objects added to the link line.
Update msvc linker emitter to add the PCH object to shared libraries if not already present.
4a940c9e0d8d LaurentMarchelli
Microsoft Visual Studio users files implementation.
  • win7-64-vs20102.7: 'python2.7 runtest.py ...' failed -  stdio
42aac1a70a38 dirkbaechle
Merged in bdbaddog/scons (pull request #230), extending docs for InstallVersionedLib and SharedLibrary
3d9e65d4df4c bdbaddog
fix test/site_scons/override.py which was failing only on Win32. loading the m4 tool was excluded in src/engine/SCons/Tool/__init__.py in tool_list().  So I've explicitly created the Environment() loading only the m4 tool. This test is checking to see if a tool in site_scons/site_tools would override the default logic.
3ac389760cfe bdbaddog
monkey patch the get_build_version() function in distutils msvccompiler.py because if it's being run on a non-windows platform it always defaults to use msvc version 6, which doesn't provide a 64 bit installer boilerplate. Switching to 9 should work with python 2.7.x
318db5ed1a83 dirkbaechle
- replaced wrong Node attribute with its new name
2916600d0edd bdbaddog
Change to use function to determine if it'sa windows platform. checking for win32 was insufficient on 64 bit windows which distutils sets the platform to win-amd64
227af4d64d43 techtonik
SConstruct: Compress SCons .zip archives

  • suse123-python-2.7: 'python2.7 runtest.py ...' failed -  stdio
1da66d9fdec0 bdbaddog
some debug code to figure out why failing
1d03b4ccf678 bdbaddog
added SDK 7.1 and 7.0A logic. Needs to be tested on systems with 7.0A installed.  Also fixed some error messages when not finding requested SDK's. Previously would throw an exception
1c2fcdf6eefc bdbaddog
updated copyright date on man pages
198deb725a11 bdbaddog
Merged in feblot/scons-feblot/pchdll (pull request #232)

VC11 needs PCH objects added to the link line also for shared libraries.
  • win7-64-vs20102.7: updating -  stdio
0df1afd471be William Blevins
Updated debug-count test case.
    Now tests against current interpreter vs default path option.
089c9a44f5eb Alexandre Feblot
Additional Glob exlude tests
  • win7-64-vs20102.7: updating -  stdio
046508c0ca0f bdbaddog
add SKIP_WIN_PACKAGES bootstrap.py flag to allow skipping building win packages. Debian seems to skip shipping the wininst*.exe files and so will fail when trying to build these
015748a76e0d dirkbaechle
Merged in klimkin/scons (pull request #205)

Fix incomplete LIBS flattening and substitution in Program scanner