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fbe3198f24a5 dirkbaechle
Merged in dirkbaechle/scons (pull request #193), new method rentry_exists_on_disk
f5c7d5be9ceb russel
Remove excess blank lines.
f2d740ab605e dirkbaechle
Merged in dirkbaechle/scons (pull request #189)

Fix for Interactive/configure test (fails under Windows currently)
  • fedora17-python-2.7: 'python2.7 runtest.py ...' failed -  stdio
f0d4664d36f8 dirkbaechle
- providing MAN page stubs when not all doc packages for the packaging process are installed
- fixed refmiscinfo for MAN pages
ec7989463be1 russel
Hack the tests (in an agreed quasi-acceptable way) to avoid CI fails.
  • fedora20-python-2.7: 'python2.7 runtest.py ...' failed -  stdio
da5785c5f30f LaurentMarchelli
TempFileMunge does not use env['CXXCOMSTR'] for output display.
d29fbf57610f bdbaddog
Fix issue found by test/Configure/Streamer1.py failing on win32 per discussion with Pawel Tomulik.  Any typeerror will be handled by trying str.decode()
cf4a387a2b46 techtonik
Update CHANGES.txt for --config improvement
c6853381c3af russel
Putative solution to lakc of ncurses on one of the CI machines.
bdbcc63cb620 bdbaddog
Always build 32 and 64 bit versions of the windows installer. No reason to only build the native version since python can build both regardless of currrent platform
b347ff6e96d2 dirkbaechle
- switching versioned shared libs to using Node.attributes
  • fedora17-python-2.7: 'python2.7 runtest.py ...' failed -  stdio
b02a5a5f1e43 techtonik
Improve invalid --config value handling for multiple choices:

Changes output of `scons --config` from:

    usage: scons [OPTION] [TARGET] ...

    SCons Error: --config option requires an argument

    usage: scons [OPTION] [TARGET] ...

    SCons Error: --config option requires an argument (choose from auto, force, cache)
ac35de28ac93 bdbaddog
null change to test new buildbot server
a5138d59bd1b dirkbaechle
- added new method rentry_exists_on_disk (check for physical files/dirs)
9aa37cd21e99 LaurentMarchelli
Using setattr(Node.attributes, 'tempfile_cmdlist', cmdlist) instead than setattr(TList, 'tempfile_cmdlist', cmdlist)
89de43bfd1c2 russel
Cover all cases of badly named LDC phobos library, not just 64-bit.
8228eb67725c klimkin
Fix incomplete LIBS flattening and substitution in Program scanner
7dd62bdb1b2c dirkbaechle
Merged in russel/scons (pull request #203), update Fortran tooling to support .f08 file extensions"
743760d727b9 dirkbaechle
- added backward compatibility layer for the Node attributes abspath, labspath,
  path, tpath and path_elements
  • win7-64-vs20102.7: 'python2.7 runtest.py ...' failed -  stdio
703314096072 dirkbaechle
- fixed typo, which would use the wrong attribute
  • fedora17-python-2.7: 'python2.7 runtest.py ...' failed -  stdio
6b1f40c352e7 russel
Replace UNIX specific code with cross-platform code.
607944d4a996 russel
Update Fortran tooling to support .f08 file extensions.
603ed35b8b78 dirkbaechle
- fix: made the test for Interactive/configure self-contained, such that it works on any platform
  • fedora17-python-2.7: 'python2.7 runtest.py ...' failed -  stdio
520758f814fa klimkin
Improve readability of LIB substitution code
41bbe48c5f1d russel
Putative hack for the Fedora library misnaming.
  • fedora20-python-2.7: 'python2.7 runtest.py ...' failed -  stdio
3d9e65d4df4c bdbaddog
fix test/site_scons/override.py which was failing only on Win32. loading the m4 tool was excluded in src/engine/SCons/Tool/__init__.py in tool_list().  So I've explicitly created the Environment() loading only the m4 tool. This test is checking to see if a tool in site_scons/site_tools would override the default logic.
3ac389760cfe bdbaddog
monkey patch the get_build_version() function in distutils msvccompiler.py because if it's being run on a non-windows platform it always defaults to use msvc version 6, which doesn't provide a 64 bit installer boilerplate. Switching to 9 should work with python 2.7.x
318db5ed1a83 dirkbaechle
- replaced wrong Node attribute with its new name
2c8184fe2944 klimkin
Add comment for a case where LIBS (or part of it) is an object
2916600d0edd bdbaddog
Change to use function to determine if it'sa windows platform. checking for win32 was insufficient on 64 bit windows which distutils sets the platform to win-amd64
227af4d64d43 techtonik
SConstruct: Compress SCons .zip archives

  • suse123-python-2.7: 'python2.7 runtest.py ...' failed -  stdio
1d03b4ccf678 bdbaddog
added SDK 7.1 and 7.0A logic. Needs to be tested on systems with 7.0A installed.  Also fixed some error messages when not finding requested SDK's. Previously would throw an exception
19eea58d3039 techtonik
doc/SConscript: Fix build crash when XML toolchain is not installed
                by intercepting previously added ImportError from SConsDoc
0c23975f8d54 russel
Putative fix for the CI problem perceived to be due to 32-bit platform.
03bba857bb5f russel
Correct a spelling error, should fix one of the test fails.
015748a76e0d dirkbaechle
Merged in klimkin/scons (pull request #205)

Fix incomplete LIBS flattening and substitution in Program scanner
002933e29f4b techtonik
SConsDoc.py: Calling sys.exit(-1) in imported library is bad, because
            it removes the trace who and when imported it.
0019315429fb russel
Check for the header file itself on not an associated executable.